About The Company

Electronic Design Engineering Inc. specializes in system design, circuit design, microprocessor firmware development, purchasing, assembly and final testing for a product. From concept thru prototyping.

Electronic Design Engineering Inc. is a small business located in Norco, California and has been in business since 1986.

Our motto is “Profit from Good Design
We design it right. If not, we fix the design.
Your satisfaction is our number one priority.
We subscribe to the IEEE code of ethics (http://www.ieee.org/about/whatis/code.html).

Electronics lab with complement of test equipment
Firmware development systems for C and ASMB
EPROM/PAL programmer
PC layout software (OSMOND, DIP TRACE)
Schematic drawing firmware
Extensive library of customizable firmware modules for control firmware

BSEE University of California, Berkeley CA
MSEE University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA
Senior member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Senior member Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society (ISA)

Barry S. Todd, as president, owns EDEI. Mr. Todd brings to the company over 25 years of experience in many fields of electronics. His experience includes analog, digital and microprocessor circuit design, embedded microprocessor system design and microprocessor firmware and software including assembly language, BASIC and C.

Mr. Todd holds a BSEE from University of California, Berkeley and a MSEE from University of Southern California. He has an extensive background with government projects and private industry. He has been a member of IEEE and the ISA since 1985 and is currently a senior member with both. Mr. Todd also holds two teaching credentials issued by the state.

Additional consulting experience includes:

  • Large scale ink jet product printing
  • Precision platform positioner for optical measurement system
  • Flow solder machine control firmware
  • RS-232 serial communications systems
  • Laboratory sample extractor
  • Speech generation for military weapons targeting application

Additional employed experience includes:

  • Senior Electrical Engineer for the US Navy
  • Senior Digital Designer for Honeywell, Aerojet, Northrop

C programming
Assembly language programming
Digital design
Microprocessor design
Analog design
System design

Solar Powered Sign Lighting
Hospital Bed Remote Control
Railroad Signal Display Controller
Railroad Signalling Relay Analyzer
Large Scale LED Information Display